About Me

Hi there!  I am Andres, and here I write about business, technology, “P” management, and maybe about sports and coffee, two of my passions, feel free to drop me a line and connect

Who am I?  Well, I have some 15+ years of working in technology, project, program, and product management, around different ecosystems and industries, with great teams from around the world.

I have been part of several initiatives, most successful, and, of course, a couple of big fails too. I learned a lot.

From a “P” management perspective, I am comfortable in predictive and non-predictive initiatives, I mean, I am a good swimmer in agile/scrum or waterfall approaches. I am a PMP and Scrum Master, and it helps. 

I am always open to discussing challenging ideas, I founded and advised several startups. 

I am into sports, I swim, run and bike on a daily basis, and I am an IronMan 70.3 finisher.